Specialist Dry Cleaning

As a family run independent business, we believe that quality and service are the most important things, so we combine the latest technology with decades of experience to ensure that we always produce the best possible product. Our highly trained specialist personnel are hand picked to provide a broad and extensive knowledge of textile care, from the finest hand made designer wedding gown to the simple skirt, all are carefully and individually processed, then hand finished to ensure the best results possible for your clothing.
Below is a small selection from our extensive price list, if you require any additional information, please contact us, we are always available to help.

  • 2pce Suit – £9.99
  • Trousers – £4.99
  • Jackets – £5.99
  • Skirts – £4.99
  • Costume Dress – £9.99
  • Plain Dress – £6.99
  • Blouse/Shirt – £4.80
  • School Blazer – £5.49
  • Full Length Coat – £9.50
  • 3/4 coat – £7.80
  • Raincoat – £9.50
  • Standard Knitwear – £4.80
  • Heavy Knitwear – £5.80
  • Anorak – £7.50
  • Anorak (feather) – £9.50
  • Tie – £2.80

Please note, the above prices are for standard items. Garments made from fabrics that require additional finishing such as silk, linen, velvet etc and garments that are heavily marked and require additional treatments will be charged at a different rate. Please ask for details.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.30pm

9.00am to 4.00pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays